Somthing New

I’ve been plugging away at this interactive design business for the last five years or more, trying to find my niche. I did design work for local startups, continued my twenty year tradition of photography and started making websites.

At first, it was the basics of markup and stylesheets, trying to get ahold of the ever elusive cascade and all its eccentricities. Then came WordPress and the painstaking process of hacking through themes to create the ideal child theme structure for a given client. This led to building full custom themes initializing widget areas wherever needed and crafting the styles to conform to a given client’s brand. I was pretty pleased with how things were going, but I knew there was more. However, I never realized just how much more until I began full time immersion as a front end dev.

Over the last several months, I’ve been gobbling up everything web related I can get my hands on and voraciously consuming new techniques and technoligies to streamline my workflow and supplement the quality of my work. This site is a representation of many of the things I have learned through conferences, podcasts, Twitter, countless articles, tutorials and books. It is a living entity that will grow and change with the expansion of my knowledge base.

The biggest thing that I have learned lately is how truly perfect the web is as an industry. This is preaching to the choir, but the collaborative spirit and communal support is like nothing I’ve experienced since my days playing in people’s basements as an adolescent punk kid. The lack of competition and the collective enthusiasm to grow our industry and community together is something that will keep me locked in for years to come.

While this is a portfolio site, I intend for it to be a test bed for newly acquired skills and innovations. Eventually, I will create a playgroung section aimed at trying new things and pushing the boundaries of my abilities. For now, I am happy to share my work thus far with the community. There will be regular postings to come and hopefully a good deal of engagement with all the people that come together to make this community what it is. Thank you for visiting and thank you for reading.